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Environmental Responsibility

Our commitment

This precious planet we call home is in trouble.  At a time when our political institutions have failed to deliver sustainable solutions to curb our detrimental influence on the world around us, it’s down to individuals and businesses to create the positive change necessary to promote our planet's well-being.  Now, more than ever, this improbable oasis Earth depends on our responsible stewardship.  As a company that depends on natural resources, we recognize our impact on the environment and feel a responsibility to take action.  This is why we’ve committed to supporting conservation efforts in any way possible.  C. Cockrum is dedicated to the use of sustainable foresters and donates 15% of all profits to support NGO’s in the following endeavors:

  • Finding solutions to and mitigate climate change

  • Protecting critical land and marine habitat

  • Protecting threatened and endangered plants and animals

  • Supporting local, organic and sustainable agriculture

Who we support

Giraffe Conservation Foundation

Care For Wild

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust